Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I'm the writer and he's the muse.

I want to write this down. I don't want to forget it or any single little thing. Because my heart has finally stopped feeling so scared and closed off.

I am ready to date again. Ready to put myself and my heart out there. Ready to finally say goodbye to the demons and hello to the possibility of something different. Not every man is rotten. Not every man is going to break my heart. More importantly not every man is the person who broke me.

I won't hurt anymore. I stopped hurting for a long time now. Its been a while since I cared about what he was doing or haunted by the memories of the past. Sometimes I catch glimpses of the past and sometimes it stings a little. But it can't hurt me anymore.

You can't hurt me. If you haven't looked for me, you'll never find me again. I never loved you and it took me 7 years to realize that. No one could ever love you as much as you love you.

I am ready. I can do this, even if it makes my palms sweaty and makes my heart beat faster. I can do this.

No one can hurt me anymore.

No one.

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