Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ain't Them Bodies Saints.

Before I get into this movie, I just have to state it's been a hard two days. My nephew passed away on Monday and I'm still trying to wrap my head around that. I loved that kid. Of course he's 23, not really a kid but to me he's always going to be just as I remember him. Naturally I can't be around people. I just have to go into my own state of mourning and just turn everything off. I can't be at home. I can't be at the places that make me happy. I just need to be somewhere dark and just forget about everything. Naturally that's where seeing films comes in. Just the dark room of a movie theater and someone else's problems help forget if only for a moment the reality of the day.

Ain't Them Bodies Saints.

I'll be honest. The moment I saw the trailer I wanted to see it. Not as much as "Fruitvale Station"  (we'll get to that later) just this nostalgic haunting feeling that I had to see this film. Luckily The State Theater has been playing some great independent films and I hopped in my car and away I went.

I completely disappeared into this film. More of a grownup approach to a western. With it's outlaw settings intertwined with a love story, it's hard not to feel absolutely captivated into the story. It's everything a western is part outlaw, part rebellion, redemption and tragedy. Had I not been crying for the majority of the day, I would have walked out of that theater in tears. Its something that leaves a tiny scar in your heart. The cast, the score, absolutely outstanding.

If you haven't seen it, by all means SEE THIS FILM.

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