Friday, February 1, 2013

hit it.

In all the times I've gone on blogger I haven't even had a time to really talk about things going on in my life. I sort of just get irritated, angry, or just go on some rambling post about how I'm feeling but never about whats going on.

Shall I do that today?

Why not.

In the time that I fully recovered from November sadness, Holiday Smolidays and officially sobered up my early January. It's weird to even say January is over. I can't believe that it seems like only yesterday I was toasting away 2012 and slurring my way into 2013. Was it me or did January last a lifetime?

With no more sidetracks and just about enough time to renew myself, I have done just that. For the past couple of weeks I've done nothing but work toward this new beginning. Nothing but plan, prepare, and start introductions into movements I'll be making for the rest of my life. All it takes is one idea to change the course of your life and in that one idea that's all I have. So in stating that I started just taking one idea and morphing it into a couple of different ideas. I don't really know whats going to happen I just know that if January is any indication of whats to come then by all means I am ready.

In a few weeks I'm starting a new blog. I can't really describe it. Something different. I get tired with looking at peoples style blogs and always being bored with the same thing. The same person, the same stance, the same boring thing. I hope I can change that. I hope some how I can find the passion I used to have when I picked up my camera the way I did when I was 12 to the way I did when I was 23.  Maybe in a way it's my own personal social experiment. Just to see if in one year finding what is it that really makes me happy.

Still not ready for a relationship. Still not ready to jump into any commitments. I just know that I want to find life in people, places, and things. Then in a few months I will be out of the country and into a completely different atmosphere. Something familiar but completely different then my day to day life.



Then everything in between.

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