Monday, February 4, 2013

Current Obsessions. 2/4/2013

It's still really weird type or even write "2013". While I am very happy about 2012 being over it still hasn't hit me that 2013 is here in the present.

back to our regularly scheduled program.

1. La Bello "Classic" Lip care. I was first introduced to this product while in Mexico in desperate need of some chapstick. While searching the local Farmacia I couldn't find my normal go to (Chapstick) and purchased this. Honestly I can never go back to normal chapstick after using this. Not only is it literally the best lip balm in the world it keeps your lips moisturized and completely hydrated. The only way to describe it is it's like putting a non fragrant lotion on your lips. Sadly they are not available in the US and the closet thing to this formula is Nivea lipbalms. Trust I stock up every time I'm in Mexico.

2. Organix "Coconut Milk Hibiscus" Lotion. I'm really weird when it comes to lotions. I either have to have a very low neutral scent or some very high powerful fruity scent. While browsing my local aisles at the CVS and since I love spending money I decided to give it ago. (Of course after smelling and testing it). Not only has my skin felt heavenly the smell isn't so overpowering. A must get if you are looking for something different. This does not have that sunblock smell that most coconut products have. It's actually rather light and refreshing. 

3. Lipstick by H&M. We know I'm a product junkie. We know I love to spend money. We know I probably shouldn't be spending money. Well in one of my many shopping sprees I found myself looking at the makeup products by H&M. I was skeptical at first. I tend to only trust products coming from drugstore like stores but I couldn't stop admiring the color of the lipstick. I went home and tried it and never looked back. The color holds more then regular drugstore products and the color doesn't fade after application or dry out. This holds the same appeal as the Rimmel for Kate Moss collection. Next time you are in H&M and find yourself looking at the lipsticks I recommend you purchase one. 

4. H&M spring look. I saw this look and loved it. Maybe just the simpleness of the same classic outfit but the color combos of black & white is timeless. I love the little crosses on the loose fitted blouse that gives a basic outfit a bit of an edge. Absolutely lovely. Also makes me want to recreate. SWOOON. 

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