Monday, January 14, 2013

A lack of color.

Every year it's the same face, just a different name. Award show, red carpet event, another amazing dress on a variety of different characters. As much as I root for the underdog on all occasions, I can't help but see year after year it's the same person. I love film. I love television. I could recite to you my favorite lines from a lifetime of seeing different aspects of films and shows. Yet lately the older I get the more my inner monologue becomes apparent. When do I finally get a character that reminds me of myself? When will there be a role that becomes such a mirror image to my life as well as the life of my peers.

For every character that's developed it's always another chance to find some sort of relation to them. From the Carrie Bradshaw's to the Liz Lemon's; two complete polar opposite characters but both completely relatable women. There needs to be more of a heroine for diversity. I can't completely hate because at least there are great amazing characters for women but when do we finally get Latina Disney princess? When do we finally get a strong hispanic character? For the past couple of years we find our culture type casted as either lazy, loud, and the comedic relief to generations of leading characters. How can I related to a character that doesn't really relate to anything in my life. While the American aspect of myself has a lot of strong woman role models, I just don't see the same happening for my Latino side. I just want there to be more characters that know exactly what it's like to struggle between two cultures as I have had to all my life.

I am extremely proud of my Latino roots. I am proud to not only be American but be of Hispanic descent. There just really needs to be more diversity, more real characters on television. I've spent years studying and analyzing film; it's always time after time casts of predominately white characters. Majority of the time I don't relate to the major themes of certain TV shows. While I do commend the honesty that shows have I don't find myself screaming that is my life, or this character knows what it's like. Don't get me wrong, I love the Blair Waldorfs, the Carrie Bradshaws, and the Liz Lemons. Completely flawed yet trivial awesome characters. All of them have a sense of uniqueness of style and manner of speaking. They just don't represent a sense of home to me. While a majority of my peers will state how characters are so much like themselves and how they feel a complete relation to their characters it's sad to say that I do not. While we can dress the same, and harbor the same unrealistic dramatized verbiage I don't get a sense of anything. I want something where I can state if you ever wonder about me, well there you go. Just a character that has a sense of confusion in regards to both cultures that I've always felt.

There are aspects in my life that even to this day I am completely confused about. If I say how proud I am to be American, I am a trader to my culture. If I say how proud I am to be Mexican am I a trader to America. Who exactly am I suppose to be when society is telling me that I should only be one aspect of myself. I love both of my cultures. I appreciate everything both countries have given me. How can that ever be incorporated without sounding like a crazy person. How does the American public understand how I was raised when they aren't seeing some crazy reality show degrading their own culture. As much as I don't want to pull out the "white America" card, I can't help but do. Now more than ever should there be more diversity on film and television. I don't just mean the same slapstick comedies, or the same action packed films. I want more relatable films. I want more sense of home. I want something I grew up with.

Maybe in a year, maybe in a couple months. One day soon there will be a someone I can relate too. Someone I can say knows exactly how fucking crazy I feel and how absolutely bat shit crazy my ideas are.

Until then I'll just relay on the hope for the future.


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