Monday, October 1, 2012

Current Obsessions. 10/1/2012

1. Argo Tea Green Tea Ginger Twist. In NYC after damaging my feet for the 32934 time this year my cousin Jazelle and I need to stop to get something to drink literally every 20 minutes because 1. It was hot as hell in NYC (damn heat wave) 2. We just need a good tea. Imagine our surprise when we dropped into Argo Tea. Not only were the teas SPOT ON but there hasn't been a tea place since Teazers in Fresno that I have been obsessed with since Argo. Well low and beyond I walked into my local Raleys and a sales clerk was handing out samples of bottled Argo Tea. Found out they made the one that I feel in love with into a bottled form and lets just say I will be drinking these until they stop selling them.
2. Lost in Translation. This movie literally came on and I can't help but have every emotion imaginable. Sofia Coppola movies sort of just do that to you. They make you think and feel every sad emotion you can think of. Plus  Bill Murray is in it and well Bill Murray just makes everything all better.

 3. Forever Sunshine by Bath & Body Works. Every year for Christmas my Nina & I give each other new lotions and scents that remind us of each other. Well I literally have a cabinet filled with lotions and it wasn't until my stock of lotions that I have were running low that I busted out my emergency stash. Imagine my surprise how much I truly enjoy this scent. It's clean, fresh, and bright like the sun. I just hope I won't smell like forever sunshine forever cause you know forever is a long ass time I can't make commitments like that.
4. Alicia Keys "Girl on Fire". While I have a love/hate relationship with artist I always find that I truly enjoy every one of Alicia Keys singles she puts out. While I wasn't fully convinced on "Girl on Fire" when I heard a snippet of it, it wasn't until I heard the full song that I truly enjoyed and loved the song. Now I can't stop listening to it. If you actually listen to the words it's a pretty powerful song. 

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  1. Heatwaves in NYC SUCK BIG TIME!! I've never been to that tea place but I'm finding out that I'm starting to enjoy tea more and more. Hopefully my local store carries it so I can try it! I think I've seen it at my local Whole Foods...If not, they better GET ON IT.
    So ever since a really bad (like, super BAD) sinus infection a few years ago, my sense of smell has been way off so nothing really smells the same but I think I want to try that scent because, dammit Summer, I want you back! I'm not a fan of this cold front that's been coming my way!