Wednesday, September 12, 2012

She don't believe in shooting stars...

I've been in a weird sort of mood. Maybe it's the craving for more adventure or just the need to be out of my element every once in a while. I realized how much I truly miss being in a larger scale city. Not to say I don't still have my small town haunts but being lost in something thats completely unfamiliar to me is something absolutely divine. Completely soaking in the last couple of weeks. Then coming back home and trying to find my niche into things. I do believe you need two vacations. One vacation to get out of your comfort zone and the second to come back to reality.

Man why can't life always be this easy.

I've been rather lucky. I can't complain about how life has been lately. I've done more in 3 months then I have in two years. Partly I contribute that to the wonderful friends I have and second because of the fact that I am unemployed. No matter. Who said you can't have fun in crazy circumstances.

Well I'll be back to post more, just gotta wrap my head around some things and get the ball rolling on the other. I should be back to tip top order by next week. Until then here's to more adventures and lots to talk about.

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