Saturday, September 29, 2012

muggy air, clear skies.

I am ready for the seasons to change. For the leaves to turn colors, for the air to get cooler. Last night just seemed like the first signs of that. No matter how hot my body heat felt the slight chill of the night felt absolutely wonderful. Changes. Different things to look forward to.

Then I wake up this morning to a dry cough, allergies, and the most disgusting muggy air. All I can think of doing was curl my hair, put some Bio Oil on my face and call it a lazy Saturday. Tshirts and Jeans while watching the game just scream BEST DAY EVER. Still debating of what to do with my hair. I keep thinking of chopping it a little below shoulder length, one full length, maybe some bangs. Something different, personal. I also keep jotting down ideas of what I want to wear this fall and winter. I just want something different. I am going to be 30 soon so maybe it's just something that SCREAMS new me. Right now this muggy air is suffocating my insides.

I realize I can't function in the warmth. I can't function being sweaty and warm. Just makes for a terrible atmosphere. I also can't function with the sun light directly hitting my face. Afternoon sun is swell but that first signs of daylight I just want to close my eyes and call it a century. Perhaps I need to gravitate towards cooler climates. Move to less sunny states or countries. While this past summer was sure full of surprises I have to say that above everything, I am ready for what the next journey entails.

Ready for adventure, ready for triumph and most of all ready for everything to fall into place.

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