Thursday, September 27, 2012

Current Obsessions. 9/27/2012

1. Bill Cunningham. You can't have fashion week without talking about the greatness that is Bill Cunningham. Not only is he the last genuinely good person in the fashion industry but he is also the most influential. His photographs are absolutely amazing just like his subjects and to say that I would be star struck if I saw him on the street is absolute truth. 
2. E.L.F Lip Balm. Since I am on a major budget. Okay LIES. Even if I wasn't on a major budget I would still buy a crap load of E.L.F products. Finally tried out the E.L.F. tinted lip balm and not only do my lips feel better but the little hint of color was awesome. Wasn't sticky and didn't dry out my lips. It was just perfect. You can't beat that for 2 dollars can you?

4. Zara. The worst thing about being unemployed is not having a disposable income to buy all the clothes and things I want and need. Sort of obsessed with the Zara lookbook especially the look on the right. I want everything in that picture. Beanie, coat, dress & boots. 

4. Control. I am on a Sam Riley kick. He is beautiful and talented. DO NOT JUDGE ME.

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