Monday, September 24, 2012

Current Obsessions. 9/24/2012

1. Candy Corn. Tis the season for sweets and cavities. Of course I am obsessed with fall weather but more importantly the fall weather produces the greatest candy in the world. CANDY CORN! It's literally just all sugar and you know what I am okay with that.
2. Fiona Apple. I've sort of been on a Fiona Apple listening spree, mainly "when the pawn" which gravitates toward "tidal wave" and of course all the newer stuff but lately "fast as you can". Something that just eats away at your soul when she sings.

3. Old photographs. I recently found a series of photographs taken of me from a spontaneous trip to LA to see Radiohead. I can see while the style as changed drastically, the love for big sunnies & red hair has not. 

4. Pumpkin Scones. Thank you Starbucks for bringing back these awesome deliciousness that is Pumpkin scones. I swear around fall CALORIES DO NOT EXIST!!!

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