Wednesday, September 12, 2012

current obsessions 9/12/12

In honor of my favorite month, September Fashion month I have acquired a collection of my favorite fashion obsessions for the week.

1. Natalia Vodianova. Alexander McQueen "Oyster" dress.
I have actually been obsessed with this dress for years. I cannot even tell you what its like to see this dress in person but it's absolutely breath taking. Whether you love fashion or not this dress is just absolutely striking and the workmanship behind its structure absolutely mind blowing. There is no other dresses like this dress and it will forever be one of my top favorite dresses.

2. Coco Rocha.
There are many words to describe Coco physically but to describe her as a person I would say she's very humbling. I find her absolutely informative, witty, and down right fantastic. How she commands the runway is no question but how she commands a stage and views it's absolutely amazing. If you don't already follow her on twitter or instagram I recommend you do she's absolutely lovely.

3. Oscar De La Renta.
There is no question without a doubt who my favorite designer is. Since the first time I laid eyes on of his dresses 1998 I have never been more mesmerized by beauty then I have by all of his creations season after season. He only gets better and more magnificent with every season and every year I want to absolutely go in debt just to wear one of this beautiful creations. All I know is that no matter who I marry, I will be wearing head to toe Oscar De La Renta.

4. The September Issue.
For any fashion enthusiast if you haven't watched "the september issue" I recommend you do so right away. Not only does it show you behind the scenes happenings of one of the nations most notorious fashion magazines but if gives you more of the insight of the people behind the fashion bible. I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

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