Thursday, September 13, 2012

Current Needs. 9/13/2012

These are all the items that I currently need at the moment.

1. Macbook Pro.
My laptop has proven to be super unreliable for the past couple of years. I absolutely hate it. So I need a new one. This is on my top list of priorities (yes even before paying off mountains of debt, hey YOLO right?)

2. Derek Lam dress from 2007. I saw Michelle Williams wear this dress years ago and since then became absolutely obsessed with it, to the point I almost bought one on ebay for $2,100. While I quickly snapped back into reality it is still a pretty dress. AND IT HAS POCKETS!!!

3. Alber Elbaz. Artistic Director of Lanvin. I absolutely adore him and his creations. He always looks as if he's having a great fabulous time. I am not lying when I say I would like to be friends with Alber.

4. Pedicure. If you guys only saw how horrible my feet look right now. I am in desperate need of a pedicure. I am in a need to be pampered.


 5. Macaroons & Champagne. I've sort of been wanting a day to be dressed up in a frilly dress and drink Champagne and eat macaroons and watch Marie Antoinette. Of course one accomplishes these things once they are out of the home that they currently share with their parents. None the less I want this to happen.
6. "Is Everyone Hanging out without Me? by Mindy Kaling. I've actually been wanting this book since it came out and haven't gotten around to getting it. Lazy I know. I have a huge list of books I need to finish and need to buy. None the less I will get around to buying it soon.

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  1. That Derek Lam is KILLER!!! Also - Alber Elbaz looks like such a chill guy. Maybe he'd help out for our Central Park Relay!