Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Not really sure how to even begin. There's just this generation that is in constant fear to do anything on their own that they feel the need to have everyone do things for them. Part laziness, part needing someone to take control of situations but when do people get to the point that they realize what they are doing isn't helping themselves? It's a never ending generation of the oldest little girls and boys that have a fear of growing up and live in a state of utter juvenileness. Who is to blame honestly society? Parents?

I can say for the most part while I was growing up I never went a day without things I needed. I had a roof over my head, I had food in my belly, things that I wanted I could ask for and it was a simple "yes" or a dreadful "no". You never heard me screaming in the toy aisle because I didn't get what I wanted. I for the most part know what it's like to struggle. I know what it's like to see people I care about struggle. To see people have their lives handed to them and be ungrateful is one thing. I tend to see that a lot but to have people be ungrateful while other people are doing the work for you it's absolutely ridiculous. I admit I've babied a lot of my former friends. Whether it be buying a lunch here or there, giving a ride some where. I get it we all need favors but when it starts to get ridiculous when they're perfectly capable and able to do things on their own but refuse to because they handicap themselves with "A.D.D" or "anxiety" I just don't buy it. If you have a valid drivers license, if you make money to pay for a lot of bullshit things you don't need then you don't need anyone helping you.

When I was old enough and mature enough to take care of my own finances I did. Of course that hasn't come with hardship. I knew the importance of never borrowing money from friends. I knew the importance of being independent. I also knew that if you let someone pay for something you have to pay back in return. Maybe I was raised differently than everyone else. Sometimes I go over and beyond what I am suppose to do in situations. I find myself helping people out because that's what I would want in return, but when I realize that my kindness is taken advantage of I start questioning friendships. If you go around behind my back being ungrateful and stating things that aren't true when you, yourself owe me for a lot of times I've helped you out then we don't need to be friends. When I can't count on one hand how many times people have helped me out but can count my hands and feet the times I have helped others that just becomes the last straw. You're not an adult by the things you own. You're not an adult if you bitch and complain about your situations. If you can't even look at yourself and the bullshit you've done then you're still in a childlike mindset. Go ahead and blame others, blame me for everything. Truth of the matter is this: It was my car that I drove everyone everywhere, it was my money that I spent countless times, it was my emotions and goodwill that people took advantage of because they are too immature to take care of themselves. Sure people have a lot of pretty things, people go out and have a good time or they stay at home read the countless blogs on the Internet and state how they're so much better than people. NEWSFLASH You're not better than anyone.

There's also a misconception that people come from money. I for one don't come from money. I've seen my parents scrap by on pennies a day to keep this family together. So to say I know struggle I mean it, I lived it. If I want to spend my money on an expensive bag, or an equally expensive scarf I will. Not because I want to show off but because I made my money and deserve to have the beautiful things I admire. I talk about beautiful things, and wonderful places. I enjoy great things but just because I love great things don't expect me to pay for your finances. If I invite you out it's one thing but to all the time think I am going to pay for you is ridiculous. Unless you're a charity cause don't expect me to always be giving you hand outs. The only person I should be taking care of is ME, not you. What I am trying to get it is it's a just a huge following of people that are babied. They expect you to do everything and don't even have a genuine thank you for anything. People that blame you for not showing compassion when they themselves don't even know the first thing about compassion. I've been guilty of falling into traps of these people and finally just happy I no longer have to feel bad about losing those friendships. My friendship is valued in love not dollar signs. Don't ever forget that.

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