Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The anticipation of being inspired.

The world tends to have different ways to inspire people. Whether superficially or emotionally, eventually we get our jump off point to where we need to be. On average it doesn't take too much to gather any aspect of inspiration. Everything around us as cheesy and cliche as it sounds is rather inspiring. Films, people, music, life it's all just the elements that give us that push to find greatness. So I guess that's where I find myself lately. Just opening my mind and seeing the world in a completely different way then I had last time.

Perhaps its the writer aspect of my life but lately I have been consumed with dissecting dialogue. From writing down key lines from movies, or even conversations I have had with friends just putting them into thoughts and feelings. It's amazing how much words can make you feel inside. Whether good or bad they have to way of sticking with you like a huge scar. It's the nostalgia feelings of how those words make you feel. I find myself enjoying strong characters, words of the underdogs, people that have been places and are moving on. I guess in a way we find inspiration to transcend into our waking life. Those fictional words at one point had to come from real life inspiration right?

My mind has a way of clouding itself with so much words I can't write them down. I can't really state if I feel scatterbrained at times but just so much thoughts come across my head I don't know where to start. I guess it's safe to say that I do have a lot of material to work on with everything going on in my mind. I probably sound like a crazy person but sometimes the best way to process thoughts is to write them out and move on. Some of these words might be hard to process at times but we need to let them go just as they leave our mind and on to our finger tips to the screen or paper.

Aside from the world of words I've find myself consumed in film and fashion. There's something beautiful about seeing how emotions can show through colors and fabrics on a larger scale screen. I find myself turning to my own wardrobe and noticing that while I still gravitate toward the darker aspects of color I am slowly letting so many elements of light and shapes into my life. Sort of a play on emotion. Where once I was so comfortable living in a lonely darkness that now I yearn for the lights and vibrancy of color. Its amazing how things can change within months to something completely different.

Films have a way of expressing your mood at the moment. Currently enjoying any aspect of Wes Anderson and Woody Allen films and any chance to watch well scripted television I generally gravitate towards. It's that way of putting yourself in a characters situation and transporting yourself into someone else's life. Of course it's all a work of fiction but it's nice to put yourself into something that you wouldn't normally see yourself in.

In a way I find it rather hard to believe that no one can find inspiration these days. Inspirations is everywhere! From the moment you wake up and start your day to the crazy thoughts you transpire in your mind. Whether it be from a delicate way of speaking or a loud expressionable vibrancy of color it's something that will hit and tug at your heart strings until you can't help but comment about it and feel inspire. I guess in a way I am very lucky to find inspiration in every day things, it's those things that make me truly appreciate how much I enjoy the journey into the unknown.

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