Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reality vs. Fantasy.

Those countless years of the film industry fabricating all these lies giving me false expectations of how I wish my reality truly was. From the girl getting the guy, to the beautifully orchestrated happy reconciliations, all these false hopes and severely high expectations for mere mortals to relate to. Is it all just some beautiful lie that we buy into to hide from the harsh reality of every day life. We strive for this cinematic perfection with just the right lighting instead of seeing the supreme bigger picture at hand. We expect so much out of people that when people show us their sincere honesty we can't take it. Instead we formulate this excuse to why it never works out and instead of giving into the reality we fight to keep the fantasy alive. All too well we keep believing that good triumphs over evil and the sun shines at the end of every dark tunnel.

I can't help but want to believe there is some reality in the fantasy. That the whole film industry isn't completely bullshit. They had to start from somewhere right? Truth of the matter is you root for the underdog in stories, you want that happy ending at the end of complete tragedy and you want things to be better. We all want that. The more I formulate day dreams in my mind even in my twisted mind set I want people to change. I want people to truly do what they tell me they're going to do. I want actions instead of bullshit lines I've been fed all my life. The only truer existence you can have is to be completely and brutally honest with the person you care the most about it. I guess that's what I want to believe, it's what I've been taught with countless scenes I've dissected. Even in day dreaming you wake back into reality. People don't change unless they want to change. People will always choose the easy way out instead of struggle. It's all just one big fucked up reality.

I stopped seeing the good in people when the fantasy stopped. The severe realization that reality will always out way the fantasy. The only underdogs are the ones that never stop dreaming even after reality tells them no. I guess this makes me the fool and the dreamer. I just won't stop believing that somehow some where there is good in the one person I always believed was a good person. I just hope that when that time comes to see it, it won't be too late.

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