Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Current Obsessions 8/22/2012

1. I was in San Francisco in one of my many adventures and came across this chocolate bar. I am not a huge Dark Chocolate fan but literally one bite of this chocolate is not only addicting it's what I would imagine tears would taste like in chocolate form. Needless to say I want this every day of my life because I tend to eat my feelings. 

2. Kate Moss for Rimmel Lipsticks. Okay not only is she one of my top 10 favorite model (she's number 2) but her lipstick collection for Rimmel is absolutely amazing. The colors are completely flawless and stay put but also stay completely moisturizing. I totally recommend the nude shades absolutely stunning color. 

3. Billy Beane. General Manager and Part Owner of the Oakland Athletics. Living in Northern California you are either one of two things. A San Francisco Giants fan or a Oakland Athletics fan, I have been lucky enough to be raised an Oakland Athletics fan (with a minor in SF Giants). Much can be said and has been said about Billy but what we can all agree on is that he has a vision and true heart and love for the game. While we as fans may not understand his logic in what I like to call the billy beane social experiment he completely looks out for the best interest in the team and every season pushes forward to make a bigger and better team. 

4. Movie Scores / Soundtracks. Lately I've been so disgusted with the current state of music that I've been looking to the scores and melodies of films for inspirations. Lately the scores that have stuck out are "The Social Network" and "Moneyball". 

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