Thursday, August 2, 2012

Another day in the life.

Considering I had just been laid off of my job about 2 weeks ago. It's no surprise my days have consisted of long late nights and either super early mornings or late mornings/afternoons. This is how I see it; I've been working really hard nonstop since I was about 14, I deserve some aspect of a break right? Sure it's going to be hard but honestly it's the only time in my life that I have to focus on what I really want to be doing. So in the words of Drake:

I'm doing me, I'm living life right now.

yeah feel me?

So in order to sort of jump start a lot of things I did something I hadn't done in about a couple of months. After what seemed like a severe hiatus with my camera, I decided to dust it off and find inspiration. Of course I forgot my camera in my quest for inspiration. So I waited til I was home to take some candid vain photos of myself and my surrounds. It's so easy to whip out a camera phone including with how great technology is now a days but sometime's its nice to take pictures the good ol fashion way. I have this sort of strange relationship with my camera. While I absolutely adore taking pictures (trust it's no lie, my instagram is proof) I just get those moments where I am so tired of people asking to have their picture taken. I don't mind taking pictures for my own personal projects (obviously) but to hear people constantly say "take a picture of me doing this, and this, and that", fucking irritating. It's like shit are you paying me to take your picture? Yeah didn't think so. The photographer aspect of my life is done (thank god) with the exception of taking pictures for my own personal projects I just can't bare the site of one more person asking me to take their pictures. It's like this. I am making my own memories, why don't you do the same. I guess that's my love/hate relationship with my camera. I guess in a way I just see so many aspects of people asking instead of just living in a moment.

Okay done with that rant.

After getting my hair done I finally went to Barnes & Noble for my August magazine fix. Mildly disappointing selection. I couldn't find british Elle, already had all the rest of the magazines with the exception of British Vogue (which I bought), so I went to the register. Of course my new friend at Barnes & Noble convinced me to get the B&N card which I did. They way I see it, I spend too much money at B&N anyways what's another 25 dollars right? Apparently money means nothing to me haha. Took a couple swigs of my Starbucks and headed home.

I have the weirdest ritual I do with magazines. First off I have to be the first one to read my magazines before anyone, because 1. I bought them and they're mine, 2. I bought them and they're mine. So excuse me it's just my thing. Sitting on the floor finishing up the remander of my drink, read my magazines and got ready for the A's pregame show which lead into the game and lead into a WIN and lead to me here on the computer right now.

Well aside from today being different than what I had expected for the week it was none the less a very enjoyable day.

Me & My Precious Starbucks.
New hair compliments of Jeannie @ Tresses Salon

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