Monday, July 30, 2012

Current Obsessions 7/30/2012

1. Stylemint. Enough as been said about the Olsens. When they came up with stylemint I was of course dying to see what was up and how awesome these alleged shirts were. Well for 29.99 a tshirt of course I was a little skeptical. Not to mention for a tshirt? It better be a tshirt made of gold. Well lets just say BELIEVE HYPE. I have never had a tshirt fit me the way these shirts fit. While I haven't bought one in months I will say it is a very awesome investment and they're always running really great deals and discounts for subscribers. So if you haven't got your hands on one of these shirts. You have to my consent to get one, they are awesome!

2. Debbie Harry. Aside from being the awesome front woman of Blondie the photographs of her in the 80's are just awesome. Not to mention I want to recreate some of these awesome photos. This one has to be my all time favorite.

3. Memes. Honestly this needs no explanation. Doesn't it just explain everything. 

4. Maybelline "Baby Lips". I cannot express enough how awesome these are. I currently own 4 of these beauties and they are just the best amount of moisture and color that you don't normally get with a tinted lipbalm. They come in a variety of colors and for 2.99 they can not only be found every where but they're awesome. 

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