Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Current obsessions. 7/24/2012

1. Men on film that make an effort for the woman that they love. Such as my favorite scene from "Big Fish".

2. Old photographs of Amy Winehouse. I still can't believe she's gone still but we can continue to live through the wonderful world of her photographs.

3. Billie Piper as Belle/Hanna in "Secret Diary of a Call girl". I'm still swooning over this outfit. I don't care what type of weather we are having I want to live and breathe in this outfit. Absolutely Amazing!

4. KANYE WEST. It's like Christmas in July (literally) whenever Kanye releases new tracks on his website (www.kanyewest.com). All I can say is that even if you're not a fan "Cruel Summer" is going to the best follow up to "My beautiful dark twisted fantasy". God Bless Kanye West. 

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