Monday, March 5, 2012

Time is on my side.

It's just absolutely maddening how just simple conversations can transform your whole way of thinking. It's as if no matter how many words we conjure out of our mouths they manage to formulate something sort of magical in a way that changes how you feel and how you react to things. Life has been a little crazy. I noticed myself just being completely vile and hurtful to my body and of course it's just to hide some unseen emotional bullshit I feel but more so because I just stopped caring. Its not that I want to be sick but sometimes the only time I can fully recuperate is to be sick. I hate failing emotionally so to feel that way feels like the biggest source of unhappiness. I tend to let little worries manifest it's self into a hornets nest in my chest. Even with pain comes suffering yet through suffering we appreciate how much beauty we have surrounding us and how much we truly appreciate everything life has to offer.

So with changing how I feel about myself. I change how I view my environment. Change how I feel about people, the universe and the world entire. 

All this from just a simple conversation.

Things are looking up sooner than I think.

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