Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Aren't we all hoping for some aspect of a miracle? Some a little more so than others.. Of course I am speaking from personal experience. I guess I just feel like every single year its the same routine of things. The glitz and sparkle of the holidays are over, the new year is dawning across our shoulders and yet we wait in patience while time just manages to fast forward for just a moment. Am I missing something out of the ordinary?

Don't we all want something extraordinary? Its like I turn to books, to music, to life to find an aspect of inspiration and I feel that all I find are everything I want in completely different time periods or just a warped fantasy of reality. I know dreams come true, I know things happen for a reason but it's all the in between purgatory that I feel sometimes. We live, we breathe and then we start all over again. That's life I am aware of that but sometimes I wonder how much more there is to give. Its this melancholy state that I am in, its more than feeling sick its this dark light that I sometimes feel inside and  I just can't bare to have it over shadow everything else I am feeling and hoping for. I turn to patience, I turn to the light and just pray that everything works out.

Until then I'll just lay completely still and pray inspiration strikes me when I need it be.

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