Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Like Crazy.

Well I have a tendency to want to see films when I am at an awkward state, so seeing "Like Crazy" in the ways I've been feeling made me feel pretty good. This had been my most anticipated film to see since it hit the Sundance festival, aside from all the raves about the film I was curious to see how two completely talented actors would pull off some of the most serious relationship matters that we deal with today. What makes this a great film was just its stars in general, not completely household names (yet) but seeing pure raw talent unfold on screen with such tremendous chemistry was magical. 20 minutes into the film you're completely hooked into Anna and Jacob's story you believe their love, their hope and at time their extremely tested patience. There is such a realness in their performance that just brings you to tears and helps you feel every emotion they're feeling as if you were them. If the reports are true that most of this film was improvised then wow no words can justify the intenstity in this film. Felicity Jones just radiates on screen you honestly feel as if you are her character (I did at least). Honestly it's a pretty decent film I won't say its the world greatest film but it's good for what it's worth.

I saw a lot of similarities between this film and "Blue Valentine" which was a pretty decent film but what Blue Valentine lacked was the focus of why you should feel bad for the demise of their relationship. In "Like Crazy" you see the rise and demise of their relationship through every struggle they had been through and with "Blue Valentine" it just completely missed the boat on that notion. Of course the crazy flashbacks of how they were when they were young and in love and then how things changed when they were older but I felt as if I wanted to dig deeper into "Blue Valentine" instead of just pointing fingers of who's to blame. With "Like Crazy" you see everything unfold, you root for your character and you watch them completely grow.

I know I am going to dig deeper into this and quite possibly dissect it the best way I can but if you ever felt anyway that Jacob and Anna did I would assure you to please see this film.

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