Saturday, September 10, 2011


Without a doubt we all know how much I truly adore Topshop. So it's no surprise that I did a set based on Topshop products I'm swooning over.

I choose the pintuck dress because it's just visually beautiful. If you have curves like me this dress would look best with a black bowed belt, not to mention the black bowed belt will give a sense of color to a pale palette. For accessories I choose these tribal looking bangles, as well as the leopard ring. Gold, leopard I'm guessing you're realizing the color pattern I have here. These leopard heeled booties just had to happen. They're stunning and they give you great height, plus they are flawless against this dress. The burgundy clutch is just another ounce of color. I choose the Essie nail color as a very delicate fall color to wear on your nails. Not really a punch of color but when your tan starts fading it's going to be nice to remember an ounce of tan color. I'm recently obsessed with this Topshop lipgloss stick. It gives just the perfect color of dark pink you need. So while the whole set is based on neutral colors the lipgloss stick gives you the color you crave.

Topshop by ellelopez featuring a bow belt

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