Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sparkle, Sparkle

I had a heart attack moment on last Friday night. *Gasp* I didn't have a thing to wear. SHOCKING. Apparently my wardrobe is only acceptable for everyday wear as opposed to everything and everyday wear.

So basically these are quintessential items that are a definite need in a wardrobe.

A plain versatile white t. Good not only for everyday but provides a great blank canvas for any outfit.
A sparkly skirt. You can dress up and dress down. Don't be afraid of sparkles because they will liven up anything that you wear.
A basic black heel. A defiant going out shoe but also good for everyday wear.
Good staple Chanel bag. If you're going to spare no expense on a handbag I hope it's saving your pennies for a Chanel bag. They are a MUST in any wardrobe. They can dress up a plain outfit into a million dollar wardrobe and any going out outfit into a punch.
no wardrobe would be complete with out accessories. I have a huge obsession with bib necklaces, HUGE statement necklaces. Anything that brings attention into your neckline is a must. They're beautiful and a great PUNCH to any outfit. Plus this ring is just fabulous. better than any basic band ring it has serious edge to it.
Make up should be fun. A light blush, a great eye liner, mascara and a deep dark lip. Nails should be purple. It's sort of my thing now. PURPLE NAILS.
Trust me when I say I wish I had all these in my everyday life. Not just for going out.

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