Wednesday, September 7, 2011

In another life when we're both cats..

Do you ever feel like you don’t belong somewhere? Just a different time period, different style of people. I just feel surrounded by the same people, the same mind frame. Everyone’s just need to settle instead of move forward. Fear captivates them to keep their feet firmly on the ground instead of venture off into the unknown abyss. Maybe I am from a different time period. This need for adventure, this need to just fully surround myself with different aspects of life instead of staying in one place for so long. It just makes me wonder how content people can be for just an ounce of change instead of morphing full circle. 

What happened to glamour? The allure of something beautiful for no reason at all. There’s no sense of glamour anymore it left with the decades of beautiful people. Now we’re just a lazy society of fast food culture. I just wish there was parties were everybody dressed to the 9’s. Where men dressed as men as opposed to little boys in baggy jeans and baseball caps. Where women dressed as women instead of young girls trying to get into a really bad techno club. Everything is either too relaxed or too tight and informal.

I want to go to a party where people are completely decked out. Dressed as adults. As beautiful people. Go to parties were drinks are not served in bright colored plastic cups. Where there isn't a hint of any sort of drinking game (beer pong, kings cup). Where everyone cares about what they are wearing and actually try with their clothes. Where they play old school doo wop groups on a record player instead of some same tired party song off an ipod. Where you're not embarrassed by what you do. Where you're not self consumed by your cell phone but rather in friendly interactions with people you meet.

Does that even exist?

Maybe in a different time period, in another life.

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