Saturday, September 10, 2011

All dressed in black...

Seasons have a way of creeping up and changing at a moments notice. One minute the sun is constantly shining and then the next it's completely humid and overcast. Thunder, lighting and just a slight scene of rain. Fall will be upon us soon, another chance of change.

One of my favorite seasons happens to be fall. I'm not sure if it's just the need to layer on clothes to seal away the skin that we kept so bare all summer but also giving our chance to truly showcase ourselves with fashion. Every season is a chance to show the world how we embrace the weather changes as well as our own personal style. For the past couple of years I've felt a sense of mourning. The black clothing I wore like a badge of honor; something to remind myself about how numb I felt to the world at that current state. As much as I found the color soothing it changed a sense of my mood. I felt all the darkness around me and any chance to wear black I did. My security blanket, my way of showing the world that I didn't need to pretend I was fine when I showed the world differently. It became my constant calling card. Here I am all dressed in black. Yet now, just as the leaves change color and as snakes change skin; the black is slowly coming off and making way for new skin. It's no surprise that I love all aspects of fashion. Clothes, colors, cuts, workmanship. It's more than just the superficial it's seeing how an idea is made into pure beauty that's imprinted into minds of millions and changes a course of a season. It's more than just leaves changing, it's life changing. Every article of clothing has a way of telling a story. Whether it be a whole collection or just a simple color. With just a simple article of clothing it has a way to change our thoughts and break our hearts.

We all sort of peek into our own wardrobes and find what type of fairytale we have hidden in there. Dresses for the countless parties we can't wait to attend. Tops from the countless times we've spent with loved ones. Even that one special accessory that reminds you of someone you thought you had forgotten. What ever it is these articles of clothing are memories. Memories sometimes we forget we've had until the moment we put these items on. I couldn't tell you how many times I've walked into my closet and just felt a rush of excitement seeing these stories. A visual scrapbook caved with emotions. Even if at the moment the only color that's constant is black I know that in the future my wardrobe will make way for a more array of colors as my mood changes. Yet for now I am happy with the darkness I have in memories as well as in life.

As fashion week commences and a new wave of styles form I can't help what wonder what will brighten my mood this season. Will it be color block brights from Jason Wu, or be blown away by the beauty that is Oscar De La Renta? Or just continue to embrace my funk with Marc by Marc Jacobs. What ever I choose these are my stories I choose to tell the world. How I am feeling, how I love and how much I love to wear the clothes as opposed to the clothes that wear me.

Just as the season changes, so does my mood. Embrace the change as the colors of leaves change from green to orange to brown. Autumn is just another chance to turn it all around.

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