Monday, August 8, 2011

who will survive in america...

Once upon a time I remember when shit actually meant something. Now everything is just a suffocated fabrication of existence. Music has become overly sugarcoated, just about every creative outlet has become exposed for the façade that it is or worse overly constricted and mass consumed. It’s just weird to see how people are so self consumed in the superficial in stead of seeing everything for what it is. Just one huge remake carbon copied repeatively until the edges are completely frayed and there is no originality left. Music, films, fashion, people, life, hope, dreams.

I guess it’s hard for me to explain to someone that doesn’t see things for what they’re worth. That doesn’t exam every single square inch of an idea and seeing where the originality came from. Not that I’m asking for a homage or recognition for their work just wished more people saw things for what it’s worth. I just see people, places, things and all I want to do is expose them and say this isn’t something that hasn’t been done and to the thousands of followers I want to say they same things. The future generations are buying into this “glamour” of life instead of wanting to create ideas for themselves. Why make a dollar when you can have a million bucks right? Why be a schmuck when you can be a boss?

Musical standings, artists there are few artists out today that are making it happen.

Britney Spears was always a sham, we all bought into her music, her looks her gimmick but her whole entire existence was all smoke and mirrors. After she pulls away the layers of her persona we all realized she didn’t really have much to offer in the talent department. She can’t sing, she can’t dance (at least not the way that she used to) and worst of all she’s not even in charge of her own career. I think it’s laughable to see the die hard fans just try and find relevance in her but truth is she doesn’t give a shit. She’s done has been done since “Blackout” came out. “Circus” was her medicated approach to an “I’m fine guys really” comeback but she never really came back. Doesn’t anyone even care about her album now? I didn’t and I actually use to care about her catchy songs.

Nicki Minaj. I don’t really get her appeal. I loved her verses on every song she collaborated on (MONSTER WAS THE JAM) but when her album came out I was very disappointed. She started out this carbon copy Lil Kim rip off but none of her verses match her weird crazy façade. It’s an act that everyone is buying into and she said it better herself “I am an actor first and foremost” she never had any intentions to be a rapper that just sort of happened. As much as I hate the comparisons of Nicki and Lil Kim she’s no Lil Kim, at least Lil Kim can rhyme and her verses make sense. Lil Kim actually wanted to be a rapper. Lil Kim was the Gaga of the 90’s and bitch was fierce! I just wish Kim would work with better producers and release a legit album.

Kanye West. FLAWLESS. I don’t give a fuck what anyone says about him you cannot deny the fact that this man is talented. I think what makes Kanye West work is that he actually loves music, enjoys making beats and his verses hit so close to home I swear I don’t know how him and I are not friends. You can just hear the passion in his verses, beats and it’s no wonder why he is the way he is. He deserves every bit of recognition because he is a mastermind. The way he words verses the way he comes up with beats literally I would give anything to see how his mind works.

The whole faux punk scene should just stop. Who are these little dumb bands anyway? You know what I’m old, old as fuck and I remember jamming to some “dookie” by Green Day and yes some New Found Glory but who are all these little bands? That scene is dead homie. If you think otherwise have you not listened to the crap that’s being produced lately? With there American apparel bright hoodies and jeggings. I don’t really understand what more can they sing about? You’re not singing against the man if you’re wearing over $500 dollars of free merchandise made by the tiny children from foreign counties talking about how you’re so angst how no one understand you, last I checked they have pills for that. GET IT TOGETHER.

I guess it’s just boring that whole scene is boring. Autotuned, pro tools bullshit. Where’s all the good music at?

Films are no different. It’s a bunch of remakes and turning childhood cartoons into stupid over explosive blockbusters. I can’t wait until they do Fragglerock on the big screen I mean you’re already fucking up the smurfs how badly can you do anything else. Where is the original concepts??? All movies are, are played out copies of movies prior. Where are the “When Harry met Sally” or “Splendor in the Grass”? I guess just wanting to go into theaters and be moved by films like I’ve been so many years prior. Realistically it’s 3 films a year that have me obsessing over, analyzing, finding inspiration from and now this year it’s only been 1. ONE!

I guess I just miss the idea of original concept. Where people actually thought things through and ask themselves “has this been done?” instead of “It’s been done lets try and change that”. Maybe I come from a long line of wanting originality the urgency to be moved by something, anything. Instead I’m settling for a stale concept and watered down ideas. Someone is going to come along and change every aspect of any scene and it’s going to bring life back into me. Until then I guess I’ll just stand around like the rest of the schmucks.

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