Thursday, August 11, 2011

No Money, Still problems

I, Ellie Lopez have a severe problem. Worse than drugs, worse than depression, I have a problem with spending.

Yes I know travesty. Alert the liberal media, I don't know what it is but lately I've just been spending so recklessly and excessively it's disgusting. I make a decent living but lately I have nothing to show for it aside from countless shopping bags and recepits of countless garbage things I have no care for in the meantime. I blame it on depression, I blame it on my need for adventure and I blame it on the beautiful clothes I have to have my hands on. It's wrong of me to keep spending this way but I constantly think to myself that I work so hard for my money and deal with so much bullshit that I can't help but want to spend money.

I should be saving. I should be paying off my mountains of debt. I should be doing a lot of things but I just don't care. I can only blame mourning for so long and I can only blame the fashion scene for just a little while longer. Truth is I need to limit my spending, I need to watch what I'm doing in my life and just be more proactive with my approach to money.

I want so much out of my life and I know everything is going to change eventually but right now I need to start focusing on being a more responsblie civilian.

But shit there's this topshop shirt I want..



okay fine I'll wait.

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