Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's all about the price tag..

This current state of the masses is only concerned with power, greedy, and having a shit ton of money. We are all guilty of it. Working overtime, taking side jobs and I wonder if any of it is all worth it. We make a lot of money that we don't really see. We all have a problem with spending before we receive. Doesn't help that our nation is in a huge debt recession. Who's actually making money anymore?

I have a spending problem. I buy a lot of things I don't really need. Most of my purchases are based on want instead of need. That's life though. How much of what we own do we really honestly need? I look at everything I own and I wonder instead of being selfish how I could have helped someone in need, someone who really wanted what I had. Then I become bitter and realize that the people that are sometimes in need have more then what I have to offer. Often times its the ones in need that are in turn giving to me. I am not sure what's up with this lying society but its sad to see my paycheck go from one amount to a smaller amount because of corruption in public welfare systems.

There's always this need for a hustle. This need for dreams and I see even my parents going in on it as well. Everything is to make an extra buck instead of making dreams come true. What good are dreams if they have a dollar sign attached to them. I look at people now a days and I wonder "is this what you want from your life?", "is this how you always imagined it would be?". I am a dreamer and I've been told countless times how things won't work out, it's going to be a struggle etc. Honestly I'd rather be broke and happy doing what I love to do then rich and miserable in a position I do not enjoy. All I want out of life is for my dreams to come true. My dreams to turn into reality. I know in every way shape and form I am doing exactly that. Right now is a rough patch but things are happening. Everything will eventually fall into place.

I guess it's more of struggle then a hustle. We do everything we can to make ourselves feel better but we fall deeper into a depression just to find what we need. I have everything I ever needed materialistically, I just want the emotional to match up with the physical.

Everything in it's right place.

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