Saturday, August 20, 2011

Inspiration strikes in the most unusal places..

Lately a lot of my dreams have become really crazy. Maybe it's the mood I've been feeling or maybe it's just everything I am keeping inside that's causing things to get a little more crazier then it actually is. It's crazy how just simple ideas can manifest themselves into crazy choices or even crazy ways of changes. I guess thats what we are all striving for. New ideas, different changes. Something new to change the demons directions inside.

Things are moving swimmingly. Then things find themselves stalling. That's life. Just everything in constant motion to settle down to move at full speed ahead. There's this energy inside of me just anticipating the moment when everything just comes together. Everything falling into place. It's happening. It's moving. It's falling into place.

Just can't wait for that moment to happen. Everything in it's right place.

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