Thursday, August 25, 2011

I am not known for breaking hearts.

Sometimes I wish I could spew out every single hurtful thing I can out of my body. Everything that I am annoyed with, anything that makes me upset. Yet I keep it hidden inside until I spontaneously combust. This is my spontaneously combustion moment.

Listen here buddy. YOU AND I nothing. It's not even like that, it's not even how it is in your warped little mind. If you think for a second that I am just another one of your silly little bar ho's you have one thing coming. I was nice to you. DO NOT punish me for it.

When you make something out of nothing, people assume things that they shouldn't. Here I am telling you that I told you from the get go we would be friends, we would be nothing more than friends. Then you got really creepy and borderline crazy, honestly I was done which is the reason for my departure. I've done crazy, I've done creepy and there is no time in my life for any of that unwanted bullshit.

I did not mislead you. I did not tell you otherwise. If anything I told you exactly from the get go how shit was going to be worked out. Instead you pushed and of course I bowed out. Please stop trying to get my attention, please stop trying to contact me because I will not respond.

This is my final intervention about this.

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